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Demo of Real-Time Text provided by 4C Telecom (Netherlands)

In the Netherlands the pilot project uses two main end user devices; The BlackBerry as a mobile text solution called the "AnnieS Mobile" and a internet solution called "AnnieS Internet" as a PC solution. This solution could of course also be "mobile" when using a laptop with an internet connection.

The PC solution is based on a internet website were you can logon with the same credentials as used for the BlackBerry solution. To support friends, family and colleagues to communicate with the deaf or heard of hearing person, those people can also have a login that can only be used on the internet solution (so they can use the AnnieS Internet solution to call and be called by other AnnieS Internet users and AnnieS Mobile users). A deaf person gets 10 free invites to connect the persons he wants to communicate with. The deaf person can also use this invite to, for example, be able to call his doctors assistant to make an appointment.

To give an idea how real time text differs from message based texting we would like to give you the opportunity to look and feel the solution with a demo account. If you are going to use this demo accounts please keep in mind the following remarks; Can I anticipate on the rest of the sentence? Can I already start answering? Can I correct my remarks/answers? Do I feel obliged to keep my focus on this conversation?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your login and password

Password: reaching112

Important: 2 users can use this login and password at the same and call each other at

Step 3 (Optional): If only one user can be connected, please call to test the RTT solution.